Gheorghe, un om special

by Dan Dobos
Published by: Media-Tech & TexaRom LLC
ISBN: 9789738364213
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Gheorghe, un om special includes revised and updated versions of my best stories written during these twenty years that have passed since I decided I wanted to be a SF author. The book is a compilation between dear projects that did not have the expected success, for example the chapter Anti-proverbs, and relatively known stories, as St. Augustin's tress. (Dan Dobo?)

Volumul Gheorghe, un om special contine variante revazute si adaugite ale celor mai reusite povestiri pe care le-am scris in cei aproape douazeci de ani de cand am decis ca vreau sa fiu autor SF. Volumul este o imbinare intre proiecte dragi mie, dar fara prea mare succes, cum este capitolul Anti-proverbelor si proze relativ cunoascute precum Pletele Sf. Augustin. (Dan Dobos)