Amendamentul Dawson

by Ciprian Mitoceanu
Published by: TexaRom LLC & Millenium Books
ISBN: 9786068113623
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People are equal to each other and nobody has the right to change this rule. Equality is a principle on which modern society is based and this is not negotiable. But one day, a congressman makes history because of the amendment which divides people into social categories based on their genetic endowment: Amendment Dawson. And this is how world is changed ...

Oamenii sint egali intre ei si nimeni nu are dreptul sa schimbe aceata regula. Egalitatea de sanse este un principiu pe care se bazeaza societatea moderna si acest lucru este nenegociabil.

Dar intr-o zi, un congresman intra in istorie datorita amendamentului care imparte oamenii in categorii sociale in functie de inzestrarea genetica: amendamentul Dawson.

Si iata cum lumea se schimba din temelii...